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Thursday, April 2, 2009

MS in the News ( stem cell. Meds on the horizon, Energy conservation and more)

Stu's Views and MS Related News
Thursday - April 2, 2009

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Also found In this week's edition:
  • A Look at MS Views and News website
  • Important MS Resource web links
  • Reader Comments
  • Herbs to NOT use
  • I walk - watch the video for this item

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Have you ever looked at what is available at MS Views and News, website?

  • There are weblinks to connect you to major MS organization websites all around the globe.
  • There is a link to register for their weekly MS related e-newsletter called Stu's Views and MS related News.
  • There are information ads posted to the MS Views and News website that benefit the MS patient and Caregiver.
  • There is a link to their MS blog and Library of MS archives.

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Have you heard of: "I Walk Because"

Click to view a video of me: that was filmed at the Coral Gables MS Walk.
Under my photo it reads Stuart S.

Yuk - But I sound horrible... It's difficult to say want you want to say in just under 20 seconds......

Then see what else is offered at the I Walk website

MS Views and News Weblinks
We are regularly out on the Internet. When we find a great site we list it.
Have you got a site to share with others, send the information to me for review.

Recent Reader Comments: (funny how each of these began with a "J" in their name):

Yo Stu
Keep up the great work. I have no other place that offers the amount of information that I get from you.
Semper Fi
- Jeremy
Hi Stu
Fantastic newsletter again. You seem to have more info than we do here in the UK.
Keep smiling
Jo x
I have passed your website onto all I know with MS here in Scotland, and as far as I know most receive it.
My friend Vicki P sent my a copy of your newsletter with your email address so I could get on your mailing list. I would greatly appreciate it if you could add me to your email list.
Thank you very much,
Janet Baker
I am sure that you know of others with or affected by MS who would like to be receiving these weekly reading.
Please pass along our opt-in information to others - thank you

With regards to vitamins and supplements, I hope you know that you are never, ever, to use anything that will BOOST your immune system.
Having MS, means your immune system is already boosted and it's working overtime as is. And because it's working overtime and not knowing when to stop, when there is no infection. Your immune system then turns against itself..
Hence the reason why the demyelination of the CNS... One item specifically to stay clear of using is Echinacea

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