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Friday, May 14, 2010

Medication Vacation / Heat Related Tips / Liberation Treatment and more

Stu's Views and MS Related News
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Today is: May 13, 2010

In this week's edition:
1) We have my story story on my medication vacation from a few years ago.
Many have already seen this story and many have not. A good read.
2) Information from the MS Foundation
3) Liberation Treatment information
4) Article Postings on: Heat related Tips, CCSVI, Stem Cell, Research, Oral Meds and more

OLD story coming back to life - to remind people why it is NOT good to just stop taking your medication:

Attached, please find the business card to the urologist who spoke at the MSVN education program in Broward a few nights ago.
For those who may need an appt with a urologist, I am providing his information.
He is not my doctor nor am I getting anything monetary from Dr. Pintauro for this information to be provided.

Also attached is information about various MS research studies taking place at Dr. Steingo's research center.
You need not be his patient to be in an MS research study.


THIS week's ( 15 ) Postings:
Moving closer to stem cell therapy - Stem Cell Update from Israel

The Liberation Treatment or better known as CCSVI is NOT new at all.
So many have been asking as if it's brand new news.
It's been in every weeks e-newsletter since December.
It's on my website and all over my blog.
READ ABOUT CCSVI ( the liberation treatment) by clicking here
It is big news but you need to proceed with caution as there is still much to be learned of this procedure.
More (a lot more), to be learned of CCSVI, over the coming months.


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