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Friday, June 11, 2010

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Recent News

Study of “Liberation Treatment” to Launch in Buffalo
The University of Buffalo has announced that researchers there, led by the department of neurosurgery, have embarked on a landmark prospective randomized double-blinded study to test the safety and efficacy of interventional endovascular therapy—dubbed “liberation treatment”—on MS symptoms and progression. Ever since Paolo Zamboni, M.D., of the University of Ferrara, Italy, proposed more than a year ago that a blockage of major venous outflow from the brain and spinal cord in people with MS (a condition known as CCSVI) may be associated with the disease, the MS community has been anxious for further studies to distinguish the role of CCSVI in MS.

PREMiSe (Prospective Randomized Endovascular therapy in Multiple Sclerosis) is a study to determine if endovascular intervention via balloon angioplasty to correct the blockages improves MS symptoms or progression
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