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Thursday, August 19, 2010

MSVN News: MS Symptoms include Fatigue and Pain

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 Today is:  August 19, 2010

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In this week's issue:
Remaining  MSV&N - 2010 MS Education seminars in Miami and Estero. 

Articles on: CCSVI, Fatigue, Pain, Myelin, MS Patient Stories, 

Psychology and MS, Bladder, Bowel and Sexual Dysfunction. Also, see the information found below on this week's podcast.


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 THIS weeks Podcast concerns Pain and other MS Symptoms. A Fabulous Video follows, after I speak a little on the aspect of Pain and MS.

Be sure to listen to this podcast and again, if you have suggestions for future versions, then please write to us. The link to this podcast is found just beneath the article links to the right.

For those in South Florida, 'MS Views and News' has two remaining MS educational Seminars taking place in Miami this year.

The first will be on October 9th, with two Neurologists discussing "Recent Advances in MS Treatments"

Topics for this include: The Oral Medications (some soon to be approved by the FDA), CCSVI, and Stem Cell updates.

 This program offers a complimentary lunch
The second MS Education Program, will be on November 13th and this will be our largest MS educational seminar thus far.

It is Called:
 "MS Symposium 2010"  ... Symposium is another word for expo or exposition. I created one a few years ago. 

THIS Symposium, although on a slightly smaller scale, still features important topics for you and your caregiver to learn-from.
Yes, it is taking place in Miami but with easy access from most major roadways and still a quick drive from Broward or Monroe Counties.

Currently scheduled topics for this program include: Wellness, Balance,  Nutrition, Fatigue Management, Psychological Implications on MS, Urology and MS, SEX and MS (Yes SEXUALITY)  and a Q&A with Four Local MS Neurologists...

Complimentary Coffee and Pastry will be available for the early attendees, and there will be a complimentary lunch just before the Q&A with the Neurologists.
A resource room will be available for patients to see disability services and products. Like each of our programs, we are hoping for a large turnout.

More information soon to be released....```

  This week's (11) Postings

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