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Thursday, September 9, 2010

MSVN News: Easy to Read info on CCSVI News, MS Podcasts, Oral Therapies and more.

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 Today is:  September 9, 2010


'MS Views and News' is unique in what we do. Bridging the gap to all major MS Organizations. Providing information and resources from our website, daily via our blog and weekly by our e-newsletter. 

In this week's issue:
CCSVI News, Podcasting information - Current and our Line-up of future podcasts, See a listing of 'MS Views' education programs soon to be taking place, MS Voices: the Interview series by Karen Gordon, Oral Medications and more..


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THIS week we do not have a new podcast to display.  

Instead, we are offering for those that may have missed last week's Podcast, another chance to look and listen. 

The Topic:

Visual Problems associated with MS.

Click this Link to listen and watch. 

 Upcoming Podcasts include:

The WheelChair Kamikaze's
 Marc Stecker

The Myelin Repair Foundation's
 Scott Johnson 

 Neurologique Foundation's
 Dr. Daniel Kantor

 MS Foundation's Staff

 Brian Steingo, MD

 and the list will grow with others that want to participate.
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    October 9th in Miami - Registration is still open

    MS Symposium 2010 - Comprised of MS learning workshops, An MS doctor/patient Q&A -
    November 13th in Miami -  Registration open.
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