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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

MS in the News: Vitamin D, CCSVI, Pediatric MS and more...

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 Today is: March 3, 2011

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 TOPICS this week include:
CCSVI, Vitamin D, Pediatric MS, Oral Cladribine, Bowlathon fundraiser, An MS Slideshow, Pathology of MS, MS Patient Stories, and more...

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    This week's  (10) Postings

    FDA Turns Down Cladribine for MS
    Mar 02, 2011
    By John Gever, Senior Editor, MedPage TodayReviewed by  March 02, 2011ReviewThe FDA said it won't approve the oral multiple sclerosis drug cladribine without more data on its safety and...

    If in South Florida, Come Have Fun on April 3rd at "Strikes@BOCA"
    Mar 02, 2011
    Public participation is welcomed for a BOWLATHON Fundraiser that will help to fund research for Myelin Restoration research and education for those affected by Multiple Sclerosis. Click...

    Higher Vitamin D Content to Reduce Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis Risk
    Mar 02, 2011
    Click our "LIKE" Button found near to top left of this pageAccording to a new study conducted by researchers from University of California at San Diego, more vitamin D can cut...

    Living the CCSVI Experience - an MS Patient's story
    Mar 01, 2011
    Andrea's PerspectiveI thought I was the luckiest girl in the world.  I had given up the rat race in 1999; chucked my corporate job as Director of Human Resources for a Manhattan advertising...

    One-fifth of children with MS fail to respond to first-line treatment
    Mar 01, 2011
    Researchers from the National Network of Pediatric MS Centers of Excellence, in the first retrospective study of the response of children with multiple sclerosis to standard, or first-line,...

    MS Awareness Update
    Mar 01, 2011
    Request Your Free Awareness Kit Today – The MS Foundation offers an informative, free kit packed with information you can share with others to educate them (and yourself) about MS. To...

    MS study to test the safety and effectiveness of glatiramer acetate, administered 3x per week
    Mar 01, 2011
    CLICK ABOVE TO READ of this Study
    'MS Views and News' (MSVN), does not endorse any...

    Study Results Provide More Clues to Understanding the Pathology of MS
    Mar 01, 2011
    Source: MSFYi internet e-newsletterResearchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) have shown for the first time that damage to a particular area of the brain and a consequent...

    Researchers Publish Results Settling Multiple Sclerosis Debate: Findings Support Therapeutic Approach For Common Form Of MS
    Feb 25, 2011
    In an effort to develop therapeutic remedies for multiple sclerosis, scientists debate two possible interventional approaches - but they're on opposite sides of the spectrum. Researchers at...

    Slideshow: A Visual Guide to Multiple Sclerosis
    Feb 18, 2011
    Learn more of Multiple Sclerosis when watching this Visual Guide which will help you to better understand the illness.Click here, sit back, watch and listenSource: WEBMD...


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