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Friday, March 16, 2012

MS in the News-> Pregnancy, Cognition, Patient Stories and more

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Stu's Views and MS News e-Newsletter
Week of March 15, 2012
This weeks' e-Newsletter contains lots of detailed information on current: 
Cognition, Pregnancy, Medications, MSVN events, Our newest podcast, Strong-Sentimented Patient Videos, Pediatric MS, Patient Stories, pharmaceutical resources, BLOG TALK RADIO, and more                          
  - This month's Podcast -
     Self Advocacy "TIPS"
   for MS awareness month
MS Views and News (MSVN) coming Events in Florida
April 15th - Bowlathon Fundraiser to benefit Myelin Repair and education
April 25th - Treatment Strategies - in Miami
May 12th - Treatment Strategies & IMPACT of MS on The Family - in Sanford  
May 23rd - Su Vida Con E.M. - Living with MS -A Spanish Language Program - Miami
June  9th - Treatment Strategies & Symptom Management - Orlando
For further information about these programs, write to

 e-Notices to be sent to those within 40 miles of each area as event dates near. 


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  • =======================================
  • Blog TALK RADIO  on StuMSRadio
    March 28th at 8pm (EST)
    Featuring Daniel Kantor, MD 
    Dr. Kantor is the Medical Director of Neurologique Foundation, Inc.
    He is board certified in both Neurology and Headache Medicine
    Listen to our program by clicking this link:

    Click on the above link to listen to our program  
     or Call (347) 215-9265 to talk or ask questions
    Press 1 if you want to speak, 
     otherwise just listen-in
    Announcements will appear here and online at our Blog, Website 
    and Facebook pages 

You can listen to the program at our Archives found here  
If you are not using a mianstream MS medication,
consider joining a research study
Search online, contact the National MS Society or ask us 

MS Pharmaceutical company- Patient Resources

  • and cannot remember where you stored the phone number?  
     Just look at any of our e-Newsletters.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the
  •  information for each of the
  •  Disease Modifying Medications (DMD's)


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SOCIAL MEDIA and Other Learning Methods


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For the many who ask medical questions to Stuart, please know that Stuart is not a medical doctor. If you have medical questions, please speak with your medical doctor. If asking Stuart his opinion, he can only answer with regards to how something may have affected his life, with His Multiple Sclerosis. 

MS Views and News /Stu's Views and MS News, appreciates your continued support and interest in our vision and goals.  
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 Pharmaceutical -
    Patient Resources
Avonex -
MS ActiveSource
(800) 456-2255
(800) 788-1467
Copaxone - Shared Solutions
(800) 887-8100
Extavia - Patient Support 
(866) 925-2333
Novartis Gilenya
Patient Support 
(877) 408-4974
Rebif  - MS LifeLines
(877) 447-3243  ---------------------
Novantrone - 
(877) 447-3243
Tysabri -TOUCH  Program
(800) 456-2255
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OUR MISSION:  'MS Views and News' (MSVN)  is dedicated to the global collection and distribution of current information concerning Multiple Sclerosis.  In collaboration with other organizations, 'MS Views and News' uses state-of-the-art communication channels to provide information for those affected by, or interested in MS.

-Newsletter Disclaimer:
***Editor's Note: The intent of this newsletter is to provide information on various medical conditions, medications, treatments, and procedures for your personal knowledge and to keep you informed of current health-related issues. It is not intended to be complete or exhaustive, nor is it a substitute for the advice of your physician. Should you or your family members have any specific medical problem, seek medical care promptly.


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