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Sunday, April 29, 2012

MS in the News: two videos + 32 articles on Myelin/ Stem Cell /Alternative therapies/ new meds and so much more

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Stu's Views and MS News e-Newsletter

Week of April 26, 2012

   This week's issue includes:
 Patient stories, Myelin News, Stem cell news, MS eduation programs, steroids, alternative therapies, a Fatigue Webcast, Cognition and Yoga Video podcasts 
Our Mission: MS Views and News is dedicated to the global collection and distribution of information concerning Multiple Sclerosis
Our Vision:   We believe that MS Views and News will be the most comprehensive source of information to enhance the lives of individuals affected by Multiple Sclerosis.

TONIGHT (Apr 26th), On Blog -Talk Radio:

 Holistic Therapies and Discussion with an MS Patient's who had IMMUNE SYSTEM Modification  - << click this link to read>>

If you miss the live show, you can visit our archives 
By clicking this link

This week’s Podcasts::

 MS and Yoga:

and This one was from a year ago, but many have asked for it again:
MS and Cognition: 

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  32 articles appear below
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the link and then
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  ~~  MS in the News  ~~       


o    Holistic Therapies and Discussion with an MS Patie...

o    Positive Results from Phase 3 CONFIRM Clinical Tri...

o    Changing Medical research needs, to better serve ...

o    Multiple Sclerosis Patients Find Improvement in Wa...


o    *****************************************

o    Oral Steroids Effective in MS

o    Sanofi’s Lemtrada Improves Disability Scores in MS...

o    An MS Patient's Stem Cell Story of leaving her dis...

o    Escondido educator meets challenge of MS

o    MS diagnosis doesn't stop Bradenton roller derby q...

o    *****************************************

o    Biogen Idec sees positive Phase 3 results of MS dr...

o    The MSAA is pleased to announce the launch of its ...

o    Thursday - April 26th at 8:30PM ET - Listen with a...

o    FREE MS Seminar in Lake Mary/Sanford on May 12th

o    The Myelin Repair Foundation is Eliminating the Va...

o    *****************************************

o    Learn what Stu's Views and MS News / MS Views and ...

o    Comments of the MSVN 2nd annual Bowlathon

o    EL-E The Laser-Guided Robot

o    How MS Disability Is Measured

o    Side Effects of MS Treatments

o    *****************************************

o    Treating Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis

o    The Progression of Multiple Sclerosis

o    Early Use of MS Drug May Cut Likelihood of Progres.

o    Novartis adds details on heart safety and monitori..

o    Full CARE-MS II Results for Alemtuzumab to Be ...

o    *****************************************



o    Opexa to Hold Preliminary Investigator’s Meeting

o    Webcast on : MS Fatigue: Management Strategies

o    Clinical trial launches to see whether vitamin D .

o    *****************************************

o    The Benefits of Physical and Social Activity

o    CCSVI Care and Comprehensive Service


Our Next Blog Talk Radio show "Multiple-Sclerosis UNPLUGGED", will be Thursday (instead of Wednesday) –April 26th at 8pm ET–  
The Primary Topic: NaturoPathic and Holistic Therapies.
To listen to this program, click this link  on April 26th at 8pm.
Or Call 347-215-9265 to listen. If you want to talk or ask questions, you will need to Press 1 to speak. If you use Facebook, you can communicate with Stuart during the show, to provide him with your question(s) for the guest. Find Stuart on Facebook, here: 
 We have a date for our next MS Symposium in Miami.
This will be on Saturday, November 10th beginning at 9:15am. Multiple Topics at this workshop of programs which the patients / caregivers have asked to have including Disability Law.
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·                     Blog TALK RADIO  on StuMSRadio
and Multiple-Sclerosis UNPLUGGED

Our Show will be on Thursday
 April 26th at 8pm EST

Primary Topic: 
Natural Medications and Holistic Therapy 
Also we will have a segment on Stem Cell therapy

Click on the above link to listen to our program  
OR  Call (347) 215-9265 to listen, talk or ask questions
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Karen Sweet Krueger
 produced a video
 for “Stu’s Views and MS News"
 to watch her contribution
 WE Continue to THANK YOU Karen

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