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Monday, February 2, 2009

Stu's Views and MS News - 5th edition of 2009

January 29, 2009
Todays issue contains:
A reminder of the information ads placed on our website's homepage.
Please visit our homepage by clicking here, to click each sponsor's box / banner, to read
or scan the information they each have, which pertains to each of us with Multiple Sclerosis.
Want or have the need to search or find something about MS? Then please use the search box in our
Library of MS Archives, or on our MS blog to find articles relating to your question(s).
Listing of MS Treatment Centers in the USA , Misc. Information and This weeks postings
Click this link to find the corresponding state to find the clinical facilities that have collaborative agreements with the National MS Society. Each appropriate chapter clinical advisory committee, composed of MS experts, periodically reviews and approves the affiliations.
Most often, when I receive breaking MS related news stories concerning medications, treatments and etc. These articles are then immediately posted to the blog. If you want to remain up to date with new postings, it may be best then that you use the link found on the right side of the blog page to subscribe to New Post Listings and / or to comments being left on the site.
There may be times, when I miss something newsworthy, or something that you want to share with others. This is where I need YOUR help... YES YOU,,, and so, if you see or know of something that you want to share, please send it to me. It need not be specifically related to MS. Maybe you know of a location you visited or a specific great tasting recipe or thoughts for an adventure, or have a clean joke, or a tip.
Anything you want shared, send it to me please, for review...
Maybe an MS event is being planned to take place in your community. Send it to me and I will forward to those on my listings that are logistically near to your location.
MS Views and News is always being redesigned to provide MS news and information to all affected by Multiple Sclerosis. Help me to help others...
PLEASE TAKE A QUICK Peek at our MS Blog.
Let me know what else you would like to see on this blog page.
THIS Week's Postings:


e-Newsletter Disclaimer:

***Editor's Note: The intent of this newsletter is to provide information on various medical conditions, medications, treatments, and procedures for your personal knowledge and to keep you informed of current health-related issues. It is not intended to be complete or exhaustive, nor is it a substitute for the advice of your physician. Should you or your family members have any specific medical problem, seek medical care promptly.

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