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Monday, March 9, 2009

Choosing the right therapy, Pain, Stem Cell therapy and more...

March 5, 2009
This week's postings include articles on:
Choosing the right therapy, Pain, Stem Cell therapy, Spasticity, Myelin Repair Foundation, an experimental Drug, NMSS Studies and workshops on the causes of MS, and more Please Scroll downward to find these postings and others...

Take a look at our updated MS BLOG layout. / Easier to use. / Easier to find what you seek. / Just plain easier. for example: Have you yet visited MS ? You can link to them and other websites from our MS Blog's web links section. =====================================
Look at Wheelchair Kamikaze's newest Video . It's accessible from our website's homepage. Watch the entire, very entertaining video (only just over 5 minutes in length) . At the end of Marc's video is his Graphics page where he lets others know of MS Views and News - Then take a few extra minutes to watch all of the new videos added to our home page
Including: What it's like living with MS, the Wheelchair Kamikaze, and more.......... =====================================
Catch up on previous e-newsletters from 2009 by clicking : Stu's Views and MS Related News .. Save this link to your bookmarks or favorites for future use.

For those new to this e-newsletter, have you clicked on the Information Banners found on our homepage?
Banners for : The Laquinimod Study, A Pseudobulbar Study, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (H.O.T.) , Neurological Associates Research, MS Lifelines, A Social Security Disability Disability Attorney, MS Center of Miami, Bioness L300, Polar Body Cooling, Housing and Assistive Technologies, The MSF, MS Friends, The Myelin Project, The MSRC,, MS Refugees, and more,,,

The Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre in the UK has now added MS Views and News to their Int'l MS Organisations Web Page. Other Globally known MS organizations will be doing this soon too, if they have not already done so.
THIS WEEK'S Postings:
Genetics Studies Yield New Clues to Why People Get...
Workshop on Strategies to Find Cause of MS MS Awareness Week
Choosing a Therapy That's Right for You
Have you ever been affected by: Painful paroxysmal... - a patient's story
Stem Cell transplant trial results - The Lancet Ne...
“COPAXONE® Approved by the FDA for Patients with a...
Wheelchair Kamikaze's next Video: The Amster-DASH - video
Oh, My achin’….! Could this be Spasticity? -- written by an MS Nurse
What do you know of the Myelin Repair Foundation?
Information for Patients Newly Diagnosed with Mult... - Newly Diagnosed
Experimental Drug for MS helps to improve walking ... - fampridine
This week's issue is less filled then previous issues as I had our MS walk this past Sunday. An event that I Chair for the National MS Society. An event that utterly exhausts me and then takes me a few days to battle back from the fatigue that it causes. I am sure, that most of you, reading this, understand (can really understand) what I mention, when writing about fatigue... =====================================
Please remember to take a look at our website's homepage to View the study information on Laquinimod, the Pseudobulbar affect and new medications being studied at NEUROLOGICAL ASSOCIATES RESEARCH
New Resource Links are added to our MS blog and MS Views and News website regularly. Added recently: The Huega Center, The MS Society-Uk, the MS Society - Turkey and the MSRC. To find these links and so many more, visit our Blog and find the MS Organization Weblinks section OR visit our MS Website and then click on the Multiple Sclerosis Web Links, found in our Resources section on left side of page. =====================================
If you have MS information or MS resource links that you want seen on any of our pages, please send the information to me or have the MS organization contact us directly. If you are having an MS fundraising event or social activity that you want us to post on our blog, please send these to me as well. This information can be for any global address, as we serve the global community. - Thank you - Merci - Gracias - Danka - and more

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