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Thursday, May 7, 2009

edition includes: oral therapies, leader-activist profile, Tysabri info and alternative therapies

Today is: May 7, 2009
A happy soon coming Mother's Day (for all in the USA)
Contents found in this week's edition:
A new leader activist profile found on the Nat'l MS Society's website's community leaders section
MS Views and News' homepage updates, Resource Link Updates, a Live Journal Syndicated Feed ,
Wheelchair Kamikaze's latest Video (found near to bottom of this page), and This week's Postings
Now seen on the: MS Society's NATIONAL website. - [ find my photo (bottom), then click to read the interview ]
I feel Honored and so I thank the Nat'l MS Society.
And I thank everybody who uses my sites, to learn, to be kept informed and to
share the information that I disseminate from all over the world for those affected by Multiple Sclerosis.
Again - my thanks to all - Sincerely, Stuart

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THIS week's (26) Postings:

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