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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stu's Views and MS News ( Stem Cell updates, Vitamin D, Nervous Sytem repair, Toxic Drugs and much more)

Stu's Views and MS Related News
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Today is: May 21st, 2009

Contents found in this week's edition:
Our weekly postings include:
Women climbers with MS, Nervous system repair,
MS Interviews, Info on a teen Caregiver, Toxic Drugs ?
A Vitamin D story, More on the Stem Cell issue and much more
Just below our weekly postings find in recognition of Memorial Day and Flag Day
a pamphlet on “How to Display Our Flag”
followed by our Social Networking information, Post Feeds, Research Trial Studies in South Florida,
and an excellent video on a Young Bears' Survival

This week's (27) Postings:

Memorial Day is coming soon
Flying Right
in recognition of Memorial Day and Flag Day we are offering our pamphlet on “How to Display Our Flag” (the right way) in both English and Spanish.
Information Obtained from United Spinal Association

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If you did not see the title amongst all the other postings,
click here to see the story of the Bear Cubs' Courageous Survival.
It's always nice to have someone watching your back

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