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Thursday, September 24, 2009

MS in the News - Includes: * Rising Costs of Medications, The cost of MS on Relationships, and more*

Today is: September 24 , 2009
In this edition:
Keeping up-to-date with MS BLOG News
A Mini- Un-Official Tysabri Survey -- a need for anybody currently or formerly using Tysabri to complete
and the replies that have been coming.. Hundreds more are being requested
Social Media Information, MS Research News, Rising Medication Costs,
Tysabri Updates, The Cost of MS on Relationships, and more... (scroll down to view all)

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A Mini - Un-official survey for all current and former users of Tysabri.

* Please click here to complete:

* If you know others that are or have used, please send this information to them, for they to complete.

* Many MS patients, caregivers, nurses and doctors look forward to seeing these results.

* We hope to have a good response by this coming weekend.

* Help to educate others by responding. *Thank you*



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