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Thursday, September 10, 2009

MS in the News: (MS treatments, Home safety, Alternatives to Steroids and more)

Stu's Views and MS Related News
Today is: September 10, 2009
Do you know that yesterday was 09-09-09
In this week's edition:
- Home Safety - by Susan Dorne an Occupational Therapist
- Alternatives to Steroids - by Cherie Binns, RN BS MSCN
- Updated International MS Society Listings
- Facebook and Twitter Links
- Volunteer opportunity and MS event listings
- A Research Listing of MS Medications
- This weeks postings include: information on different MS medications, treatments, and ms videos
When you get a chance, take a look at our MS blog's "Shared Resources Section" to see what other sites have of MS information.
This section is found near to the top right of the blog page.

This week's (25) Postings:

Tratamiento Sintomático de Esclerosis Múltiple -- Treatment information in Spanish
In Need of a Tax Break ? --- NOT MS related
The Truth About Flu Vaccines -- But how true is it ?



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Volunteer opportunity
Help me to provide the news that effects so many, affected by MS.
I need help in finding personal patient or caregiver stories, that tell Happy Stories.
Help to provide stories that will make others smile.
If an MS event will be happening in your area and you want to post to our blog, then this information needs to be sent to me.
This concerns any event, anywhere on our planet....


For a Listing of medications being researched, visit our home page.


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