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Thursday, October 29, 2009

MS in the News: Alternative Therapies, Remyelinating, Research Updates, LDN and Halloween attire

Stu's Views and MS Related News
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Today is: October 29, 2009

BOO!! - Happy Halloween

In this week's edition:
MS related videos, Available MS informational Links,
Halloween Attire for those in Wheelchairs, Facebook, Twitter,
Blog and website information, Appreciation and more.
This weeks (23) postings include:
Alternative therapies, Peer support, Peer videos, MS Industry News,
Research projects, International Travel, Getting around,
Stem Cell News, LDN Awareness, and much more. Scroll to see our postings !!

MS Views and News is unique in that we strive to bridge the gaps to other globally known MS organizations by providing you with accessibility to these other MS websites and blogs, by just visiting our with our site. Use our website and blog as often as you want.

After all, "Keeping you informed and up-to-date with current MS information is our Mission".


Take a look at our blog to view videos such as: "A Beautiful Day" from U2; Skits from The WheelChair Kamikaze, The Show Must Go On, Stem Cell Research, Injecting various therapies, and many others..
To see all the videos, you need to scroll down the entire length of the blog. While scrolling downward, see all the MS organizations that share links with us. From Our Blog and from our website, we have a links section. Also from both our sites there are organization logos for you to click, to access their sites.


This week’s (23) Postings:

( remember to avoid receiving large amounts of links to read, review our site every day or every couple of days to see what's been posted)


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