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Thursday, January 28, 2010

MS in the News- CCSVI, Stem Cell, MS research & a pill to help you walk better

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Today is January 28, 2010

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In This Week's edition:
Much on CCSVI, Stem Cell information, MS Research,
Newly released info on a pill to help MS patients walk better,
My Wish to help fund pediatric MS, and more

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This Week's ( 22 ) Postings:
This Past Monday was my birthday and for this I wished to help Fund the
National MS Society's Promise 2010: Pediatric MS Project
Donating to "MS Views and News" (MSV&N), will not only help us to provide more to the MS community via our website and blog, but will also benefit pediatric MS.

Half of all contributions received during this fundraising effort thru the end of January will be donated to a pediatric ms project through the MS Society's 2010 campaign.

* THINK of the Children having to be able to tell mommy and daddy how they feel, or what they (sensory-wise), cannot feel.. The tingling, burning, pain.
* Think of the vertigo, dizziness and loss of balance.
* The problems with double vision and so much more that I really need NOT have to tell you...

Help me raise monies for an MS Pediatric Project.
When making this donation, please include in the note that this is to help fund the Promise 2010 Pediatric MS Project

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