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Thursday, January 14, 2010

MS in the News (Pain, Foot drop, CCSVI, Spanish Program, MS travel and more)


Stu's Views and MS News

Today is: JANUARY 14 , 2010
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In this week's edition
Information on the 'MS Views and News' First MS Education Program , a Spanish Language program
* Stuart's Birthday request, Traveling with MS,
* Blog Searching info found below this week's postings,
* Fampridine-SR update (to help people walk better),
* MS Pain, Foot Drop, MS Society Updates, Memory combat, and more

Stuart's Birthday is later this month and for my birthday I have a wish. My wish asks you to donate.
Half of all Contributions received during this fundraising effort thru the end of this month (January 2010), will be donated to a pediatric MS project.
* THINK of the Children having to be able to tell mommy and daddy how they feel, or what they (sensory-wise), cannot feel..
* The tingling, burning, pain.
* Think of the vertigo, dizziness and loss of balance.
* The problems with double vision and so much more that I really need NOT have to tell you...
*Now hope that one day, this Disease does not affect a child you know!!!
Help me raise monies for an MS Pediatric Project. Click here to donate
Remember please, that MS can strike anybody, at any time *

THIS week's (20) Postings:
  • MS Related: Traveling with Scooter or Power Chair
  • Use Your Senses to Combat Short-Term Memory Proble...
  • Multiple sclerosis IS painful !! -- Pain !!
  • Treatment for Foot Drop in Multiple Sclerosis --- Foot drop
  • Basic Multiple Sclerosis Information - MS Basic information
  • Biogen Idec Submits Application In Europe For The ... -- Fampridine-SR Update
  • Biogen's Tysabri Sales Surpass $1 Billion In 2009;...
  • A relatively New CCSVI Video - A Plumbing Problem ...
  • Doctor 'misled' MS patients with 'bogus' stem cell...
  • MS Society update: 2009: Substantial Progress Prop... MS Society research updates
  • An education program to discuss this research on F... Education program on CCSVI
  • Updated News from the National MS Society, how wor...
  • Medical marijuana up for final vote Monday in New ...
  • Adeona Announces Additional $860,000 Grant for Ora...
  • Get an Insider’s Perspective of the National MS So... Inside the MS Society
  • Teva Pharma Sees Copaxone Pressure Coming But Not ...
  • Biogen to reinstate monthly PML updates
  • 'MS Views and News' (MSV&N) Presents their First M... A SPANISH Education Program in Miami
  • Complementary & Alternative Medicine Part One - f...
  • Info on An MS Education Program - Taking Place in ...
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