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Thursday, January 15, 2009

3rd Edition of 2009

MS Views and News
Formerly known as MS Views and Related News
Stu's Views and MS Related News
Our Mission: MS Views and News, Inc., is an organization dedicated
to the global collection and distribution of current information concerning
Multiple Sclerosis. In collaboration with other organizations, MS Views and News
uses state-of-the-art communication channels to provide information
for those affected by, or interested, in MS.

Date: January 15, 2009

MS Views and Related News, Inc is to now be known as MS Views and News.
Easier to say, easier to write/type. Above, you can also read the Mission of MS Views and News.
The Board for MS Views and News opted and voted-in both changes at their last board meeting.

In this week's e-Newsletter, aside from our normal posts, we ask that you view our MS Blog
in its' True Form. Click here, to see and then scroll thru the blog. At the very bottom are various videos.

Included in this week's postings:
An MSIF Research News report, Medication Vacationing is a No-No !! , New Interferon Formulations,
a Merely Me Story, and more...

Have you seen /read the Pseudolbulbar and Laquinimod information found on our website?
If not, look at our website or blog for further information. View other sponsored information on each as well.


Reader Comments:

Subject: Greatly Appreciated
Stuart, you make a difference to all of us "your MS peers" - it is recognized by your diligent efforts, quality of character and intellectual depth and insight. All of these attributes you possess, offer us the sustenance of value support, endurance & strength.

I thank you for imparting knowledge via the newsletter at our disposal - what a luxury, a gift, a blessing.
Take Care & Thank You

Ten Dollars from each person who can give this amount, will help me to fund MS research, local programs and services, and will help me to reach my fundraising goal for this year's MS walk. Please Click here to make your tax deductible donation for the National MS Society. While the economy is partially disabled, it will eventually recover. I want to help those with MS, whose disability will not rebound.


This week's (13) Posts:
CATCH-Up (read what you may have missed) or take your time viewingeach e-newsletter as you can now find these newsletters posted to Our Newest Blog that archives each week's publishing.. Click this:

e-Newsletter Disclaimer:

***Editor's Note: The intent of this newsletter is to provide information on various medical conditions, medications, treatments, and procedures for your personal knowledge and to keep you informed of current health-related issues. It is not intended to be complete or exhaustive, nor is it a substitute for the advice of your physician. Should you or your family members have any specific medical problem, seek medical care promptly.


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