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Thursday, December 31, 2009

MS in the News - Final edition of 2009 - MS Treatments and a little more

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Today is: December 31, 2009

How appropriate to have our last e-newsletter of 2009 on the actual last day of this year.
Allow me to begin this week's edition wishing EACH of You a Happy and Healthy 2010

'Happy New Year ' !!

And it's not just a New Year, but a New Decade as well.
With so much to look forward-to, with research and discoveries.
I ask that you stay strong and live long.
New Year's resolution for Stuart -

To spend more time providing the information and MS education that I began providing
with Stu's Views and MS News, earlier in the first decade of this millennium.
In this week's edition
Shared MS Resources
MS Treatments and Research
Information of MSV&N's FIRST education Program
and a little bit more...
There is still time to support 'MS Views and News' with a year end gift and increase your 2009 charitable deductions.

Support MSV&N right now and you'll make a difference today in the lives of real people living and affected by Multiple Sclerosis.

You will be investing.. in helping to provide educational information for those that require more knowledge of this MySterious Disease.

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May 2010 be filled with Health and Hope.
Sincerely, Stuart

THIS week's Postings:

MS Views and News (MSV&N)'s FIRST MS Education Program
Information for this program will be released in South Florida, during the first week of 2010
  • We just increased the amount of people that we will be able to have for our February 6th, Spanish Language program from (60) to (85).
  • If you want to attend, remember that this program will be in Spanish only and that you and (one) guest can attend.
  • Our brochure for this program will begin to circulate in the beginning of January.
  • Please make sure to RSVP soon, to guarantee a seat.
  • Our Guest Speaker will be Dr. Chinea from Puerto Rico.
  • Acabamos de aumentar el numero de personas que tendremos para nuestro programa en Español de sesenta (60) a ochenta y cinco (85).
  • Si usted desea asistir, recuerde que este programa será solamente en Español y que usted y (un) invitado(a) pueden asistir.
  • Nuestro boletín para este programa comenzara a circular a principios de Enero.
  • Por favor confirme su asistencia pronto, para garantizar un asiento.
  • Nuestro invitado será el Dr. Chinea de Puerto Rico.


On our homepage and on our blog you can find MS Shared Resource Links
A new one, that I added yesterday is for Easy Stand and another that I added last week was for Revive MS.
I suggest that for all wheelchair users, that you click at the logo or link for Easy Stand to see what they offer.


Find Stuart Schlossman on Facebook or search and Find MS Views and News
On Twitter look for MS Views and News :

Via Facebook I have met many. From Asia, The Middle East, Europe and Africa to Australia, South America and even more in North America. 2009 has been fun and I have learned much from each region mentioned.

I have learned to say 'hello' in many different languages (and a few other words too). I have seen photos of many and their families and friends. And via You Tube, have experienced videos of concerts, comedies and so much more, that I would never have seen if it were not for You; those who Share. Those who have opened up their lives to get to know others and to re-live old memories.

To have learned what old friends and acquaintances have done with their lives.

To re-live childhood memories. To see who has how many children or grandchildren. To catch up with my own family and yes, so much more.

Yes 2009 was fun and explorative (not a real word, but maybe it should be) and Facebook had much to do with this. I want to thank each and every one of you who helped this guy (me) to Explore regions of the world that I knew little about (Yes, it's true, I do not know everything) and to have made many new friendships as acquaintance or more...

I hope that I can continue to explore the world via facebook, or in real travel and I hope to continue my conversations with many of you.


Best Wishes, Stuart

e-Newsletter Disclaimer:

***Editor's Note: The intent of this newsletter is to provide information on various medical conditions, medications, treatments, and procedures for your personal knowledge and to keep you informed of current health-related issues. It is not intended to be complete or exhaustive, nor is it a substitute for the advice of your physician. Should you or your family members have any specific medical problem, seek medical care promptly.


Next e-Newsletter will be published on January 7th, 2010


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