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Thursday, December 17, 2009

MS in The News: Stem Cell and CCSVI updates and more...

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Today is: December 17 , 2009

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In This weeks edition:
Updated Stem Cell treatment information
And updates on the Liberation treatment (CCSVI) by Zamboni
An MS Views and News update for those in South Florida (in English and SPANISH)
MSV&N Social Networking, Found below are this week's (16) postings.

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THIS week's ( 16 ) Postings ( keep on top of our news by bookmarking our blog for easier access, daily or as needed)

  • MS Patient Videos Found on the Adult Stem Cell The... Stem Cell News
  • Interesting case study featuring prolactin as a tr... Mother's Milk
  • Italian MS research (on CCSVI) brings hopeful pati... CCSVI Update
  • Amazing Stem Cell Therapy news for people with Mul... Stem Cell News
  • A Multiple Sclerosis MD, discusses CIS, Secondary...

  • Man walks again after Multiple Sclerois stem cell ... Stem Cell
  • Updated information on: Chronic Cerebrospinal Veno... CCSVI update
  • Could Novartis be first to launch Multiple Scleros...
  • Man in wheelchair counsels others to overcome hand... An MS Patient Story
  • New Mobility Magazine asks: If you have ever been ...

  • Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy to participate in MS ...
  • 'My son had multiple sclerosis aged five' Pediatric MS
  • A Happy and a Merry or the other way around
  • A Message from MS Lifelines - Brighten Your Outloo...

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    An MS Views and News update for those in South Florida y en Español:
    • We just increased the amount of people that we will be able to have for our February 6th, Spanish Language program from (60) to (85).
    • If you want to attend, remember that this program will be in Spanish only and that you and (one) guest can attend.
    • Our brochure for this program will begin to circulate in the beginning of January.
    • Please make sure to RSVP soon, to guarantee a seat.
    • Our Guest Speaker will be Dr. Chinea from Puerto Rico.
    • Acabamos de aumentar el numero de personas que tendremos para nuestro programa en Español de sesenta (60) a ochenta y cinco (85).
    • Si usted desea asistir, recuerde que este programa será solamente en Español y que usted y (un) invitado(a) pueden asistir.
    • Nuestro boletín para este programa comenzara a circular a principios de Enero.
    • Por favor confirme su asistencia pronto, para garantizar un asiento.
    • Nuestro invitado será el Dr. Chinea de Puerto Rico.
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